Eric Ciaramella - Man behind the Shifty Schiff Coup

Alleged Whistle Blower - People need to know that this whole operation is a set up.  We are calling it a Coup or Treason. The Senate needs to call this individual to testify.

Former Obama NSC for Ukraine

Helped move the Ukranian Money for Biden, Pelosi, Romney, Kerry and did it with Comey and Clapper. Mitt Romney Advisor Sits on Board of Burisma.

Motivated by past associations with Joe Biden and Ukraine under the Obama Administration and wanted to help Biden

Was included in emails about the “Loan Guarantees” for Hunter

H.R. McMaster appointed Susan Rice Ally to be his personal Aide

Worked Closely with Susan Rice at NSC

Helped draft Susan Rice anti-Trump talking points before the Inauguration

Ciaramella was the main force pushing Trump-Russia conspiracy theories in 2016

Ciaramella was one of the original leakers who told the media about classified conversations Trump had with Russian diplomat Sergei Lavrov

Was in Italy in 2016 during the Kathleen Kavalec meeting with Christopher Steele

BILLIONAIRE CLINTON DONOR VICTOR PINCHUCK SENT MP BIELKOV TO MEET HIM THE SAME DAY she met with David Kramer and kicked the steel Dossier operation into high gear

He is a registered Democrat

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