Gov. Whitmer - Throwing children and students off a cliff

The Democrat Governor shows her true colors and vetoes critical funding for children and students.

  • $3.5 million for children with disabilities, including physical and developmental disabilities as well as severe emotional disturbance. 
  • $600,000 to support child protective, foster care and adoption services programs. The reductions undermine the department's ability to meet the requirements of the federal court that has supervised its children's services agency for 13 years. 
  • $1 million in support for youth in the juvenile justice system
  • $2 million for residential substance use disorder treatment
  • $300,000 for managing the opioid crisis and behavioral health improvements

K-12 schools

Whitmer vetoed more than $128 million from the school aid budget, including $35 million in foundation allowance increases for charter schools, $16 million for career and technical education equipment, $10 million in school security funds, $1.6 million to fund "strict discipline academies," $3 million for online algebra and other math programs.

Higher education

Whitmer vetoed $38 million in higher education tuition grants for independent and private colleges and $150,000 in student services for students who are pregnant and parenting.

Cuts to repair critical bridges also vetoed putting childrens lives at risk:

Senate Republicans noted on Twitter that the millions of dollars in road funding Whitmer vetoed had been strategically allocated to bridges she visited and called a "life and death" situation. 

"Tonight, she vetoed $375 million to fix those bridges," the caucus wrote.

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